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Xtreme Bike and Sled

Pro Bike

This class caters to race and street bikes/sleds running 7.00 and slower. You get 2 qualifying attempts on Saturday before eliminations with the same format on Sunday.  Rules are pretty simple and are as follows:

Class Description

The Xtreme Bike and Sled class was designed for all bikes/sleds that run 7.00 and slower in the 1/4 mile. Open exhaust and lettering/decals permitted. Competitors get 2 rounds of qualifying. You choose your dial-in for eliminations. This time will be yours throughout eliminations (IT DOES NOT CHANGE and any competitor found changing their dial in WILL BE DISQUALIFIED).


The class will be qualified by positive reaction time (r/t) closest to “.000” based on a Pro .400 Tree. “.000” is considered perfect. Any negative r/t (-­‐.001, -­‐1.231, etc.) will be placed at the bottom of the qualifying ladder, the more negative the r/t is, the farther down the ladder the run will be placed. For cases in which identical reaction times are made, qualifying position will be based on a first-­‐come first served: the first occurring r/t will be placed #1, the second occurrence of said r/t will be placed #2, and so on. Class will be paired according to qualifying positions, and then advance to eliminations.

All Run, NHRA Sportsman Ladder, Pro .400 Tree, Handicap Start. Courtesy Stage.

Class Guidelines

Rules & Regulations

  • Xtreme Bike and Sled uses a ” 4/10ths Pro Tree” start system. Any bike or sled is permitted. Any modifications, any tires, any vehicle weight, or power adders are permitted.
E.T. Limits:

– The fastest qualifying ET permitted in the Pro Bike class is 7.00. Any qualifying run faster than 7.00 will be disqualified and will not count. Competitor will be permitted to re-qualify (if additional qualifying rounds are left) slower than 7.00. Competition will be regulated under standard NHRA “First or Worst” competition policy during qualifying and eliminations.

Deep Staging

  • Deep staging is permitted, however not advocated. It is always the rider’s responsibility to stage the vehicle prior to the tree being activated. In any event, the rider must be prepared to leave as soon as the final stage light is lit.

Race Format

  • .400 Pro tree handicapped start with a sportsman ladder

If you are building a race bike/sled and you are unclear about rules concerning your class, please contact us.

The OSCA reserves the right to impose penalties for rule infractions and on items that do not represent the intent of the class entered.

Rules are subject to change without notice. If in doubt as to rule interpretation please contact us for final ruling.